The Epson Experience

An Epson Stylus Color 1160 inkjet printer was removed from ia Windows 2K laptop, where it kept refusing to print and crashing the machine.  It was then abandoned for several months.

I decided to try to bring it back to life, and connect it to one of my White Box Linux servers.

Kirby C Bohling of the White Box Linux mailing list pointed me at this url:

This is what I finally did from information on that link:  Note: on White Box, gimp-print and CUPS are already installed.

Test pageFirst of all set up The Gimp.

Then open an image. Right click and choose File, Print. Choose Set up Printer, choose Epson 1160. Once the printer is set up, try to print the image. If it is OK, click Save Settings.

Follow the add new printer instructions from gimp-print (Gutenprint) webpage:

Open the CUPS configuration page at

It might say something like printer must be installed using redhat printer config but ignore this and go ahead anyway.

The Epson Stylus Colour 1160 will be listed in the Model/Driver for stp dialog box. Choose this and Continue. The printer should now be available in CUPS.  Well, it was for me....

I avoided command line setup as I am too inexperienced, and set the 1160 as the default printer in the GUI printer setup.  However, although it is not the default in Open Office, it works perfectly when chosen from the list.

Epson Stylus C66

One of these came my way and is connected to my FC1 box..  It is not listed on, but it can be made to work with a package called Turboprint for Linux from

Install it as root, and it is easy to configure.  The basic package is rather restricted and to get more functionality a licence has to be paid for..  However, for my simple needs the basic package works perfectly.  I have not got it to work with the Gimp yet.


An Epson Stylus Color 440 is set up via Samba on my Linux server which runs various flavours of Red Hat/clones on removable hard disks.  It is actually connected to a Windows 98 PC on my home network.

Configuration was easy via the GUI  printer setup and it is fine for printing letters etc.

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